About this project

The project is an independent community initiative developed by Daniel Reeders, an experienced HIV campaign strategist, in partnership with Dr Darren Russell, an HIV and sexual health physician who has first-hand experience supporting patients using event-based PrEP in France. Our target audience is people who are considering or already using event-based PrEP – in marketing terms, the ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ segments, who are willing to experiment, have a greater appetite for information, and who often become informal educators for friends, partners, clinicians and online communities.

The resource has been developed according to social marketing principles and the evidence on effective communication. The short film ‘Whatever comes your way’ takes a creative approach to illustrating how event-based dosing unfolds over time, and as a cultural product its frank language and cheeky visuals are intended to spark up a conversation around this neglected approach to PrEP.


We gratefully acknowledge an unrestricted educational grant from Dynamix International, with particular thanks to its founder Phil Joffe.

Executive producer 
Daniel Reeders (DNM Consulting and the Bad Blood blog)

Samuel Leighton-Dore (website and Facebook and Instagram)

Animator and sound design
Gisele Nour (website)

Graphic design and project manager
Lauren Austin (website)

Alex Fitch (NeedleDrop)

Nic Holas (The Institute of Many)

Clinical review was provided by Dr Darren Russell and Dr Trent Yarwood from Cairns Sexual Health Service. Materials and strategy were reviewed by Will Nutland (Prepster), Greg Owen (IWantPrEPNow), and Brent Allan. Special thanks to the many community members who provided feedback on the video and draft resource. Thanks to Ruth Sayers for production advice.