Making EBP work for you

Many of the resources for daily dosing list tips and strategies that work for EBP as well. Here are some recommendations for EBD in particular. If you find these ideas don’t work for you, go ahead and figure out what does — and remember to share what you learn with friends, your doctor and the PrEP community on Facebook.

set an alarm

When you take your startup dose, set a daily alarm on your phone at the same time of day. Label it something that will remind you to take your next dose. Turn the alarm off when you finish up.

use a pillbox

Buy a 7- or 14-day pillbox that you can carry with you. Each day you have a fuck, check there are pills in slots for another two days. (When you get to the last slot in the pillbox, just ‘wrap around’ to the starting slot.)

track your doses

You might like to try an app like Loop Habit Tracker (for Android) or Productive (for iOS). This allows you to track when you take your startup dose, the days you’ve fucked, and your follow-up doses, so you know when you can finish up (or restart). If apps aren’t really your thing, you could jot notes in a paper diary or calendar, or even on your arm.

plan ahead when partying

A party weekend — which could be a dance party or p’n’p — might change your usual routines for eating and sleeping.

Remember to take your pills to parties and play sessions. Bring a couple of extras in case you’re out longer than you expected.

If you take your startup dose late on Friday night, and by Monday you’re heading for an early night, take your follow-up dose before you go to bed.


Some people find that taking two pills at once is a challenge.

It is okay to take the two pills at different times, e.g. the first one at lunch and the next one at dinner.

Just make sure you leave two hours between the second pill and having sex – and take your first follow-up dose around 24 hours after the first pill.